Welcome to The Weekend Dad! A site for you to buy some great dad hats for the weekend but also a community that encourages and supports you to be more than just a "weekend dad".

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The Weekend Dad was founded with a couple goals in mind: providing a relaxing everyday dad hat as well as creating a safe space to help dads with growth and development to be the best dad possible.

The symbol for The Weekend Dad, the pine tree and birds, has a deep meaning to me. So much, that it is permanently on my arm. Just like a father going through tough times such as a divorce or separation, this tree grows through rocks and rough terrain, on sides of cliffs and mountains, through grueling weather, and still it rises up. The tree symbolizes the strength and consistency of fatherhood, always there, always providing, always protecting and loving the birds that are your children. 


I'd love to hear about your story, what you bought on the site, things you've learned and think we should share or things you would like to learn about and see on the forum. Also, make sure to tag us on your Instagram and Facebook posts with @The.Weekend.Dad!

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